50 years in a nutshell

I’m not young, but I’m not done. I grew up in Macon, GA, a musical town, in a musical family.  I fell in love with the guitar after seeing Chet Atkins live when I was twelve. I played in rock bands, concert bands and orchestras, sang in church choirs throughout school.   I hoped to hit the big time with my first band, The Piedmont Cooks, formed with two of my brothers and two friends.  We played for several years in colleges, clubs and private parties across the Southeast. Despite several hundred shows and brushes with bands like The Black Crows, Hootie and the Blowfish, Indigo Girls, we never cracked the next level.  In 1993 I moved to Austin, TX, to try my hand as a solo artist.  I married Allison, my high-school sweetheart.  I won a song writing contest, got to play South by SouthWest, toured with the Cowboy Junkies and met with Bill Hamm, ZZ Top's manager.  But after a while, I hit another ceiling, so we decided to move to Nashville, TN.  I tried my hand as a free lance guitarist for other bands. After a few years of another round of van tours, I decided to go back to school.  We had two wonderful children.  In 2003 my brothers and I formed Brother Henry.  We made a small splash in Nashville and Atlanta, got a little radio play, played clubs across TN, GA, and NC, toured with Guster and Jars of Clay.  We made a little headway, but again never got past the local level.  As my kids grew, I continued to play in cover bands and in the band for my kid's high school musicals. In Fall of 2021 something shifted.  After a ten year hiatus, I wrote nine songs in two months, maybe to help digest becoming empty nesters, or dealing with grief of losing a beloved dog, or the trappings of COVID or the state of our country.  My brother, David, masterfully helped me record these songs from the brick room at my house.  I hope some of these songs bring you a little joy.