From the recording Part of the Bargain

After working from home for over a year, rarely leaving the neighborhood, at some point, you got to bust free.


Let’s go to Telluride
You navigate and I’ll drive
Need a thousand miles between the
stress and the tears from last year

I hear the mountains are high
Let’s go drive thru the countryside
I haven’t left this street or let my feet wander in a long time
I miss you and me
And how we were before 2020

Leave those troubles behind
Let’s find the sparkle lost in our eyes
Reflecting off the clouds, down the valleys to the
town on the mountain side

Telluride sounds like home
I want to go on the name alone

There’s still trouble to find
Lost in the hills of Telluride

Think how you pack. What if we don’t come back.
What’s the use to keep trying
Got to take the first step, and forget the rest,
Pretty soon we’ll be flying

I think there’s trouble to find
Lost in the hills of Telluride

(c) 2022 Ned Henry