From the recording Good Day to be a Dog

I wrote this song probably 20 years ago. I've always liked it and for whatever reason it never got on a record, until now. I couldn't leave it behind.


Got a two star room
In a one star town
Got a mind to leave it behind
And get on down
This bar is pretty loud and
I don’t much like this song
No one here has got an ear
For Mr. Marathon
Breaking down again

There’s another girl,
who won’t let me in
Cat tails and roadside rails,
don’t make much for friends
I should close the tab and
start heading over towards to the door
Another ten and I’m all in,
into another puddle on the floor
Breaking down again
Breaking down again

That last sip of beer,
Isn’t sitting well
There’s a chance I could sink right here
In a self-induced hell
I want to share my heart,
But I’ve built these walls so high
I could leave them standing there
Or start breaking them down tonight
Breaking down again
Breaking down again
Breaking down again
Breaking down again

(c) 2022 Ned Henry